Investment & Merchant Banking
to the Middle Market


Triton's human resources are comprised of seasoned finance industry performers with proven track records of individual, team and business success. With over thirty years of corporate finance experience, these professionals have held a number of leadership positions at top regional and national finance companies.

Mr. Asmann and Mr. Nowlin formed Triton Capital Partners, Ltd. in the spring of 1999 to exploit their considerable network of finance industry contacts and deep knowledge of business fundamentals and capital markets.

Today, Triton's professionals focus on delivering the highest quality, affordable and results-driven investment banking services and relationships. Our resource is time and Triton's professionals strive to efficiently manage and complete each engagement on time by delivering well beyond our client's expectations.

Triton has an additional pool of professional resources that are drawn upon as needed. Our core professionals, however, have broad corporate finance and operational backgrounds capable of providing support in a variety of capacities. This versatility enables us to more effectively leverage our resources across a larger spectrum and provide exceptional customer service.