Investment & Merchant Banking
to the Middle Market


While Triton works with companies in many different industries, we have particular expertise with privately held and family owned businesses in the food and agriculture industry as well as specialty finance sector as follows:

Food and Agriculture
Triton's Principals have over 20 years of experience working with companies in the food and agriculture industry. We recognize the unique characteristics associated with the often volatile commodity markets and help you identify the appropriate capital market strategies and business partners needed to support challenging business environments and continuously exploit market growth opportunities. Triton maintains a broad base of industry knowledge and contacts that enables us to work successfully throughout the entire “Farm to Table” agribusiness supply chain including:

In addition to working successfully with clients in each of the above industrial segments, Triton also created a specialty Agricultural finance/investing business which was sold to a large public finance company.

Financial Services
Triton's Principals have been lending practitioners, strategic advisors and investors in the financial services industry. Messrs Asmann and Nowlin both began careers as leveraged finance deal making professionals at large commercial finance companies. Prior to forming Triton, Messrs Asmann and Nowlin successfully founded and launched the specialty leveraged lending business for GMAC Financial Services known as GMAC Structured Finance (a joint venture with General Motors Acceptance Corp). Since inception, Triton has drawn from this unique financial services experience to advise and raise capital for both commercial and retail specialty finance businesses.

One particular area of expertise involves management “lift-outs” of specialty finance teams from larger institutional environments (similar to the joint venture completed by Triton's principals with GMAC). This process involves carving out an integrated team of specialists with a proven history of workplace compatibility and successful performance, customizing an entrepreneurial business plan and identifying an investor partner to fund the new specialty finance platform. The ultimate goal of these highly sensitive and well orchestrated/coordinated processes is to match a business plan with an investor willing to share the success of the business with the professionals that create it.

Triton also has experience from manufacturing to retailing across a wide range of industries including:

Manufacturing & Distribution:

  • Aircraft Parts - distribution & maintenance
  • Building Materials – metals, tiles; commercial and residential
  • Commercial Signs – corporate, gaming & sports arenas
  • Elevator Systems – manufacturing & installation
  • Eye Glasses – design, manufacturing and retail
  • Filtration – water; commercial and residential
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems - design and installation
  • Foundry – steel, aluminum: auto parts and construction
  • Forging – steel, industrial machine and auto parts
  • Glass – commercial, residential building and replacement auto
  • Lawn & Garden – fertilizer, soil, stone
  • Plastic – design, packaging/bottling, consumer goods
  • Printing – commercial
  • Telecommunications – hardware and software
  • Truck Supply – parts and accessories
  • Trucking – LTL, brokerage
  • Sports Equipment – branded, commercial and consumer (e)
  • Enzymes – human and pet food
  • Food Distribution – consumable and non (branded and private label)
  • Food Growers – vegetables, livestock, commodity grains
  • Meat Distribution – wholesale and retail grocery
  • Meat Processing – beef, poultry, pork (branded and private label)
  • Specialty Drinks- bottled water, energy drinks


  • Advertising & Brand Management – diversified industries (e)
  • Consumer Finance – small ticket direct lending, product finance
  • Commercial Finance – Media/Agriculture/Diversified Industries
  • Document Storage and Management – financial, auto, diversified businesses
  • Education – elementary school, private non for profit
  • Executive Recruiter – real estate, medical and finance
  • Maintenance – electronic signs, aircraft
  • Online Video Advertising– real estate, auto, retail (e)
  • Personal Fitness – educational, sports training; includes ecommerce (e)
  • Printing & Publishing– magazines, newspaper inserts, mailers (e)
  • Software Development – B to B Healthcare, B to C supply chain (e)
  • Real Estate Development – commercial office, waterpark and residential
  • Auto Parts – franchised and private truck stops, (e)
  • Branded Audio – stereo systems and speaker
  • Garden Products – flowers and seeds
  • Hospitality - restaurants
  • Food Products – protein cataloger, (e)
  • Leather Handbags & Accessories – catalog, storefront, (e)
  • Nutritional Supplements – dietary, (e)

(e) = ecommerce